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Accelerate was formed in 1998 and is lead by a truly dynamic duo: Kraig and LaSandra Wall. We are co-owners and partners in business and in life. We’ve been married for more than 30 years, and we have more than 50 years of combined experience in credit repair and credit-related business.

This gives us a unique motivation and personal insight into the struggles and needs of other families. We’ve been there, too! Kraig’s first credit-repair client was himself. We want to see every family achieve their financial goals and dreams, and we strive to help them do so.

As co-owners of our own business, having decades of combined experience in founding and running small businesses, we also understand the struggles and unique challenges that lenders, realtors, and brokers face.

A broad base of experience, put to work for you

With Accelerate, you can rest assured that you’re dealing with true professionals. Our professional backgrounds include real estate, retail business ownership and management, and business and real estate development. We know credit inside and out, and we know what it takes to succeed, financially and personally.

Truly personalized service, from our family to yours

We work to help families like our own get back on track. Mastering credit and personal finance was key to the success of our family as well as our business. We understand the difficulties and circumstances that can lead to bad credit. This insight informs everything we do, including our approach to customer service.

Established experts you can trust

Like any other field, credit repair has its bad apples. The worst are cut-n-run operations that sell you false promises and then disappear. We’ve been helping people with their credit for nearly 20 years. We are certified FICO® Pros, registered and bonded, with a strict dedication to regulatory compliance. We’re here to help for the long haul.

Client Retention Specialists

With Kraig and LaSandra’s backgrounds in real estate, we personally understand the challenges of retaining credit-troubled clients. In fact, that’s what started us in credit repair! From the perspective of your clients, if your standards are “too high,” what’s to keep them from going elsewhere? You lose a client and your would-be client winds up getting a worse deal, too.

We can help prevent that lose-lose scenario, and turn it into a win-win! We’ve worked with mortgage lenders, finance companies, banks, auto dealers, and more to help their clients get approved. We serve as your “client retention department,” helping you stay in touch with your clients throughout the process, and send them back to you once they’re creditworthy.

Don’t lose another sale to your client’s bad credit! Call us today to find out more.

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We are certified FICO® Pros with decades of credit repair experience. Our representatives are highly trained and ready to help you turn your credit situation around.



Kraig started his journey in credit repair 20 years ago by repairing his own credit. He then began diving into the consumer protection laws and dispute tactics, and then helping his real estate clients. Eventually, it made sense to launch a credit repair business. He is proud to have co-own Accelerate with his wife and partner of more than 30 years, LaSandra.

Kraig brings over 30 years of experience in the areas in business development, capital campaigns, and land development and acquisition. He has also served in executive management roles in the nonprofit sector. He maintains a real estate license in Tennessee,

Kraig’s passion is to help people succeed in all areas of their lives. This passion has driven him to develop his expertise in structuring financial programs for his clients, as well as innovating ways to assist business owners with financing their dreams.



LaSandra heads Accelerate’s customer care. Throughout her career, LaSandra has been dedicated to helping families find the homes of their dreams. She is a licensed real estate agent in Tennessee, and has also assisted business clients in negotiating commercial leases and secure business financing.

LaSandra also has prior experience as a business owner, having owned two women’s retail stores. She personally understands the challenges facing business owners in today’s economy.

Most recently, she expanded her and her husband’s affiliate company to include Accelerate Credit Repair for consumers and business owners.

She enjoys her family life with Kraig, which includes a grandchild who is a true blessing in their lives.

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To support you, our customer, by providing superior products and services of exceptional value, enabling you to gain and maintain an advantage with your credit score. 

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