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L. H.

Franklin, TN

“Accelerate Credit Repair went the extra mile! I only needed a 620 credit score to qualify for a loan, but ACR was able to improve my credit score from 609 to 680 in just 90 days!”

L. C.

Gallatin, TN

“Accelerate Credit Repair got rid of all the negative items on my credit report in just 60 days. Now that my credit score has improved, I am now qualified to purchase our new home!”

S. A.

Franklin, TN

“In just 40 days, my credit score raised by 140 points. All thanks and love to Accelerate Credit Repair!”

B. W.

Los Angeles, CA

“For more than 10 long years, I had constantly fought with the state to remove the tax liens on my credit report. No matter how much I try, I just could get them removed, and it definitely affected my credit score. Luckily, Accelerate Credit Repair helped me removed the tax liens, and my credit score increased from 710 to 780 in just 60 days!”

R. G.

Nashville, TN

“I had 69 negative items on my credit report, and this has taken a toll on my business loan application which had been denied several times. With the help of Accelerate Credit Repair, 34 negative items were removed from my credit report which improved my credit score to increase for over 40 points. Because of ACR, I qualified for a business loan, and I can’t thank them enough for their genuine service!”

C. C.

Murfreesboro, TN

“After graduating from college, I was immediately engaged to be married to my husband today. Having been put in a situation where you need to step up fast because of life necessities, I started to be conscious about my credit score and grew weary because I never inquired where my credit report stands. So, I contacted Accelerate Credit Repair and offered me a free consultation. They delivered me a good news that my credit score was, in fact, great. The consultation was very comprehensive, and the credit repair expert was very friendly that made the entire consultation worthwhile and a fun experience.”

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16 Derogatory Items Removed in 90 days!

Check out how we helped remove 16 collections in only 90 days improving Sarah’s credit score over 100 points!

Sarah J -Memphis, TN


Nick saw an increase of over 75 points!

Let our team show you how we have clients just like you massively improve their credit scores and get approved for buying a home!

Nick S –  Franklin, TN


Lisa's Score Increased 100 point in 90 Days!

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Lisa R – Kansas City, MO 


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